I am Michael J. Munster, the owner/photographer for Green Heron Photography based out of Joplin, Missouri. I specialize in nature, landscape, and wildlife photography. I am a self-taught photographer who started off with my first camera, a Kodak digital point and shoot. I was born and raised in Saint Louis. I went to Missouri Southern State College in Joplin, Missouri, and graduated in 1997. I worked various jobs through the years including when I moved to Joplin in 2004. I started getting into photography around 2000. I started using a Kodak digital point and shoot. I noticed that I was getting compliments about my photographs. I decided to get my first SLR (single lens reflex) camera in 2003. It was a Canon 300D. It was one of Canon’s first DSLR’s for the consumer market. I then read up on photography. I have never taken any formal classes on photography. I learned everything from either reading books and magazines or from YouTube videos from other photographers or just my own personal experience via trial and error. I decided to setup my own photography business in 2015. I mainly photograph nature, wildlife, and landscapes, and also sometimes architecture. I enjoy the beauty of the natural world, and I enjoy sharing that beauty with others. I have had two of my images, including an image of Grand Falls, appear in calendars. I also had four of my images appear in The Atlantic in an article titled Missouri: Images of the Show Me State, click here. One of the images was of Grand Falls, and another was from George Washington Carver. My favorite spots to go are Grand Falls, Wildcat Glades, Wilson’s Creek, George Washington Carver, and Springfield Conservation Center. I took one trip to New Mexico in 2006, and another trip to Kentucky/Tennessee in 2016. I got to photograph Mammoth Cave and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park while there. I also enjoy doing infrared photography. I have done infrared photography with film, but the main way I do infrared photography is using an infrared filter on the end of my lens. The filter blocks all light except for infrared light. Infrared photography with an infrared filter requires real long exposures but results in photographs with white foliage and real dark skies. Nowadays, I mainly use a Canon EOS 6D and EOS 70D; along with a wide angle, standard, telephoto, and macro lenses. The wide angle lens is my usual go-to lens though. I offer a bulk of my work for sale either as prints or on merchandise and also as stock photography. Feel free to view and purchase my work. If you have any questions or comments, reach out to me through my contact page or e-mailing me at [email protected]. If you are interested in licensing any of my work, please visit my PhotoShelter portfolio here. I would like to thank Zenfolio for my website design and hosting. If you want a Zenfolio website, just click here.



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